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At cairns pool service, we offer our customers professional pool equipment sales, installation & repairs. We diagnose and repair your swimming pool problems with a prompt response to all enquiries and at an affordable competitive price


We sell, supply and install a wide range of new pool pumps, pool filters, pool chlorinators & pool cleaners at competitive prices to suit all pool types. All equipment sold and installed come with the manufacturer’s warranty.


At Cairns Pool Service we have a prompt and reliable pool pump, filter, cleaner and chlorinator repair service repairing all makes and models. With a quick service we can get your pool equipment running like new again for a fraction of the price of new equipment.


Leaking Pool Pump? Pool Pump stopped working? Noisy Pump? Pump not priming? Cracked Pump Lid? Pump Basket got holes? Your pump is the heart of your pool filtration system. It is essential that your pump is working correctly to circulate the water and chemicals throughout the pool. We will get it right for you. We offer a wide range of energy efficient and single speed pumps to suit your pools requirements.


Chlorinator beeping? No chlorine production? Cloudy water? Blackspot problems? Timer problems?
Your Salt Chlorinator is what generates your chlorine to meet your pool’s chlorine requirements. If you’re having a problem with blackspot, algae, cloudy water or your pool is always going green, then it’s time to give your chlorinator a check-up. We supply a wide range of chlorinators (low maintenance) reverse polarity as well as the standard (high maintenance) to suit your pools needs and your budget.


Cairns Pool Service also supplies and installs genuine and generic replacement salt cells for a wide range of brands at competitive prices.


Filter blowing out dust & debris? Sand on the bottom of your pool? MPV handle leaking? Water leaking out your back wash line? Whether you have a Sand filter or Cartridge Filter, your pool filter is an essential component to keep your water clean. With a quick check-up, we can offer the right solution and advice to get your filtration equipment doing the job it’s meant to do and get your pool back to that safe and healthy swimming condition.


Automatic pool cleaners make life easy and will keep your pool sparking 24-7. Today's pool cleaners can save you time, money and energy. Automatic cleaners don't completely eliminate the manual upkeep, but they do offer a great deal of options to fit your budget and busy schedule.



At Cairns Pool Service we understand that not everyone has the time to clean and maintain their pool. We deliver a professional and convenient service to suit your specific needs and budget.



Cairns Pool Service supplies, installs & repairs a wide range of quality pool equipment to keep your pool operating effectively. We will get your pool equipment back up & running in no time.



All pools require ongoing maintenance to ensure they continue to run efficiently and effectively. We provide a range of maintenance services to accommodate all your ongoing requirements.


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Cairns Pool Shop has been the Far North’s recommended pool supplier, pool maintenance, product sales, pool renovator and has been the first and foremost leader when it comes to introducing the world’s newest technologies to all discerning swimming pool owners and operators.


Thanks again for a great job!

My wife and I recently sold our property in Earlville. As we had already moved to our new house leaving the property vacant for 6months the pool had deteriorated to a pretty poor state. Green water, algae blooms and 6months worth of silt build up. Will got the pool back up to speed in time for the new owners, meaning we were able to hand over a crystal clear blue pool. We found will to be knowledgeable, true to his word and delivered exceptional service at a great price. We would recommend Will and the guys at Cairns Pool Service.

Mal Roos

A Very professional approach

This is our second year having Will to service our pool as well as our rental property. I would have to say that I’m very impressed with his professional approach to business and his customers. He is always there to answer any questions or concerns and will immediately fix any issues that my two pools are having. He has installed new equipment at both properties as well as repaired my pump at the rental place. He will tell me any concerns he has which really sets him apart from other pool companies I have used in the past. I will definitely be referring him to my friends.

Rod & Mali P- Kamerunga

Will Goes Above & Beyond

If you’re looking for a Pool Cleaning guy that goes above and beyond, then Will from Cairns Pool Service is your guy. He is flexible and accommodating to your schedule and is always on time and extremely reliable. Will offers professional advice and solutions to our pool equipment problems and the pool always looks great throughout the year. I find him to be very personable and a great guy to work with and would recommend him to anyone seeking a professional pool maintenance service in the Cairns region.

Geoff R - Caravonica

Will Is Very Accommodating

After my divorce I had no idea what to do with a pool (other than swim in it - but only if it wasn't green!).Will has helped me out immensely, explaining everything that needed doing and offering help and advice. With my budget in mind, he helped the chlorinator keep on keeping on for as long as he could, before finally having to replace it with a new one, and has located and fixed a leak that was costing me way too much on my water bill! I have loved that I can text or call for a last minute pre-visitor clean and he is so accomodating.

Nicole Ladgrove



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